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Executive Director Position Available

Rugby Arizona ▪ Executive Director Position, 2020-2021

Position Description

The Executive Director will work as a part-time independent contractor with members of Rugby Arizona leadership, including the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Commissioners, and others as the need may arise, to assist with the organization’s administrative, communications, and marketing needs.  Day to day activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintenance of and regular updates to the Rugby Arizona website (
  • Regular and ongoing communications to Rugby Arizona community members through e-mail, social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and mass text
Match Result Coordination
  • Documentation and management of score and discipline information from rugby matches at the Youth and High School levels, ensuring data is captured on a timely and accurate basis on the Rugby Arizona website, and other platforms as needed
  • Coordination with match referees and coaches as needed on game days and throughout week
  • Expectations for the Executive Director position include capture and entry of match data by the end of each Sunday for matches played that same weekend during the spring season, Jan-May
  • Timely updates to the Disciplinary Committee with reports of yellow cards, red cards, and/or any other potential disciplinary infractions by players or other participants
Field Coordination and Game Day Logistics
  • Management of field reservations for matches held during the pre-season and spring, coordinating with vendors and/or rugby community members for matches held at various venues
  • Logistics and communication management on match days, to include mass email communications and on-site attendance  during Saturday matches during the fall and spring seasons as well as certain other key days
Athletic Trainer (AT) Coordination
  • Obtaining of competitive bids for AT contracts for the upcoming season
  • Coordination with Rugby Arizona clubs and the AT company to book trainers for organization events
  • Development of a simple, actionable marketing plan to increase awareness of Rugby Arizona and encourage youth participation in the state
  • Execution of tactical marketing/promotional steps each week
  • Relationship development with schools and youth organizations to promote the sport of rugby
  • Organization and hosting of free rugby clinics in city parks and/or school PE class instruction
Participant and Volunteer Welfare
  • Adherence to Return to Play (RTP)/COVID guidelines from World Rugby and USA Rugby
  • Regular research of federal, state, and local guidelines for COVID to ensure Rugby Arizona is up to date
  • Implementation of and updates to Rugby Arizona protocols to be in compliance with the above guidelines
  • Maintenance of the COVID/RTP policy for Rugby Arizona
  • Monitoring for constituent compliance with Rugby Arizona RTP policies
 Other Duties
  • Working in tandem with Rugby Arizona to build league schedules for Youth and High School divisions
  • Organization of SYRO (State Youth Rugby Organization)-sponsored tournaments and events, to include Youth and High School Finals and annual All-Star match
  •  Coordination with SWRRS (Southwest Rugby Referee Society) to ensure referees are scheduled for matches each week during the fall and spring seasons
  • Participation in the Disciplinary Committee as an Informed Reserve Member
  • Organization and execution of rugby camps and/or clinics in the community, as scheduled
  • Working with the Executive Committee on fundraising/sponsorship initiatives as they arise
  • Coordination of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and other organization events as needed
  • Interaction with USA Rugby as needed to fulfill compliance requirements and share general regional and national updates and correspondence
  • Support of a “player first” environment for youth safety, including completion of SafeSport training


The Executive Director will report to the President of Rugby Arizona; however communication will be expected between the Executive Director and the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Commissioners, and other members of the organization as needed to fulfill the role. 

Estimated Time Commitment

While the actual number of work hours may vary, the following is an estimate of hours the Executive Director will potentially work, based on the organization’s annual cycle. Note, if hours exceed those estimated here, no additional compensation is necessarily guaranteed:
2020-2021 Season

Season Dates Approximate hours
Fall Sept 9 - Dec 27 0 hours/week
Spring Feb 20 - May 29 16 hours/week
Summer May 30 - Sept 4 4 hours/week


To perform the role successfully, a qualified individual should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize workload and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently and use initiative to achieve outcomes
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to work and interact with a range of stakeholders from players to parents, coaches, and others
  • Ability to foster productive working relationships in a collegial but professional fashion
  • Financially responsibility to act within a limited budget; all decisions undertaken must be fiscally sound
  • Willingness to make timely and appropriate decisions with sound judgment
  • Microsoft Office Suite experience, including working knowledge of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • General aptitude with web-based programs
  • Desired but not required: USA Rugby Level 200 Coaching Certification and USA Rugby Level 1 Referee Certification (*note, if the candidate is not already certified, registration with USA Rugby is a requirement for the first 30-day period, with Rugby Arizona to pay or reimburse for related USA Rugby fees)

Additional Requirements

Successful background clearance


As an outside contractor, we anticipate the Executive Director would be paid $200 per week from date of hire to Aug. 31, 2021.  This compensation is partly based on Rugby Arizona’s expectations for registered players; if more tackle players are registered with Rugby Arizona than expected, additional compensation may be available to the Executive Director.  The position could potentially entail additional opportunities for commission/bonus-like features based on rugby camps, player registrations, and/or sponsorships, to be discussed and negotiated as desired.  The position does not come with any benefits, and the contractor is responsible to report any income to the IRS for taxes.  Note that Rugby Arizona reserves the right to review, amend, and update this estimated compensation structure at any time.

Mentoring and Evaluations

Mentoring will be provided to the Executive Director to train the candidate on the policies and procedures of Rugby Arizona.  Evaluations will be given on an as-needed basis to assess performance and adjust training.  The Executive Director will be expected to report to the Rugby Arizona Board of any policies and procedures which they feel should be added, deleted or amended.

Termination of Employment

The Executive Director and/or Rugby Arizona will provide a 2 week notice upon termination of employment.

About Rugby Arizona

Rugby Arizona is a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth rugby organization representing male and female players playing in High School and younger age divisions.  Rugby Arizona is the USA Rugby designated SYRO (State Youth Rugby Organization) responsible for all age-grade rugby activities in Arizona. 

Applications will be accepted until February 11, 2021

Hiring Process

To apply for this independent contractor position, please send your résumé, interview questionnaire, two references, and a cover letter (email to suffice) to:

Rugby Arizona

All candidates will be reviewed in the order received, and Rugby Arizona retains the right to hire any candidate it deems qualified without notice to other candidates.