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Youth Clubs

Fitu Pauga

Youth Commissioner

Phone: (480) 332-1037

Game day home field for all teams is West Side Complex unless noted below

Westside Complex
2209 N. 99th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85037

Broustar Academy


Practice Location & Days

Location:  view website for specific location

Days:  pending

Closed enrollment - limited to Roosevelt School District schools

Colors:  Blue, White & Red
Level 200 Coach: Loren Broussard
Certified Referee: none


Loren Broussard

Phone: (480) 580-2946

East Valley Eagles Youth

Practice Location & Days
Freemont Junior High School
Mesa, Arizona 85207
Mondays & Wednesdays
Open enrollment to the entire community
Colors: Blue & Gray
Level 200 Coach: Glenn Baumgarth
Certified Referees:  Glenn Baumgarth & Mike Webber


Glenn Baumgarth

Phone: (623) 202-1282

Eclipse Rugby

Practice Location & Days: 

Thunderbird Paseo Park

6011 W Thunderbird Road
Glendale, AZ 85306
Wednesday 6 - 8pm
Open enrollment to entire community
Colors: Athletic Gold, Black & Graphite Gray
Level 200 Coach: Sam Kelly, Chris Everett & John Conte
Level 100 Coaches: Mike Frugone
Certified referee: Sam Kelly & Jake Sitko


Sam Kelly

Phone: (602) 639-2841

Engage Foundation

Practice Location & Days
Rillito Regional Park
4502 North 1st Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85718
Open enrollment to the entire community
Colors:  Red & Blue

Level 200 Coach:  Camden McGregor
Certified referee: none
Game day location:  same as practice location listed above


Matt Schmidt

Phone: (520) 603-3562

North Valley Scorpions

Practice Location & Days
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Tuesday & Thursday
Open enrollment to the entire community
Colors:  Green

Level 200 Coaches:  John Conte
Certified referee: none


John Conte

Phone: (602) 396-1894

Northern Arizona Sharks Youth Rugby

No website
Practice Location & Days
Ponderosa Trails Park

3875 S Wild West Trail
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Sundays @ 12:00 pm

Colors: Navy & Gold
Level 200 Coach:  none
Level 100 Coaches: Ross Nicholls
Certified Referee: none
Game day location:  TBD


Ross Nicholls

Phone: (928) 853-2393

Phoenix Firebirds

Practice Location & Days
Monday & Wednesday, 6-8pm.
Open enrollment to entire community
Colors:  Silver, Red & Black
Level 200 Coach:  Rob Speers, Brett Catchpole, Caleb Jones
Level 100 Coaches:  Warren Baty, Aaron Baldwin
Certified Referees:  Rob Speers, Seth Catchpole, Andy Speers, Ryan Speers, Kent Davison.


Rob Speers

Phone: (602) 361-7978

Red Mountain Knights


Practice Location & Days
Westwood High
Mesa, AZ  85201
Tuesday & Thursday
Colors: Red & Black
Level 200 Coach:  OJ Hawea
Level 100 Coaches: Jared Baker, Mike Flexman, Jeff McIntyre, Muimui Hola, Michael Hola & Ralph Zavala
Certified Referee: Jeff McIntyre


OJ Hawea

Phone: (602) 531-0426

Scottsdale Wolves

Practice Location & Days
Eldorado Park
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Monday & Wednesday
Open enrollment to entire community
Colors:  Royal Blue & White
Level 200 Coaches:  Dave Elf Thomas, Fred Sanchez, Tami Thomas, Ted Brandt, Mike Ballentine
Level 100 Coach: 
Certified Referee:  Dave Elf Thomas,


Harmen Tjaarda

Phone: (602) 558-4685

Tempe Rugby Club

Practice Location & Days
Nov 5 - Dec 17, 2020

Tempe Sports Complex - field #2
8403 South Hardy Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284
Thursdays 6:00-8:00 pm

Jan 5 - April  2021
Location:  TBA
Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Open enrollment to entire community

Colors:  Black & White

Level 200 Coaches:  Bret Fullerton, Charlie McGarvie, Fitu Pauga, Will Perlaza
Level 100 Coach:  Hal D. Morgan, Chris Hacker, Charlie Diaz, Randy Gunzer, Micheal Wrobel
Certified referee: Fitu Pauga, Randy Gunzer


Hal Morgan

Phone: (480) 417-7469

Tucson Roosters

Practice Location & Days
Dan Felix Park
Tucson, AZ 85741
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Open enrollment to the entire community
Colors:  Red, Gold & Black

Level 200 Coaches:  Barry Gabbard
Certified referee:  Barry Gabbard


Barry Gabbard

Phone: (520) 982-6200