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How To Start a Club

Starting a Youth Rugby Club

If you do not have a youth rugby club near you, it is always possible to form a new club with the help of Rugby Arizona and following the guidelines setup by USA Rugby.

Here you can find information and resources to get you started. If you have questions or need additional information, please email us.


  1. Recruit Players and Parent helpers (see suggestions below)
  2. Incorporate your Club as an Arizona Not for Profit Corporation and then request an Employer Identification Number from the IRS (called an EIN even if you never have paid employees). 

    Rugby Arizona recommends incorporating your Club in order to protect against personal liability in case of a lawsuit.  These forms take no more than 15 minutes each to complete. 

  3. Open a Club bank account using the Club’s EIN, NOT using anyone’s personal Social Security Number.  

    Use the bank account for all Club business and do not mix Club finances with personal finances.  If you write a personal check or charge a Club expense on your personal credit card, keep receipts and get reimbursed with a Club check.  Promptly deposit all dues and fund-raising money into the Club’s bank account and do not offset Club income against Club expenses you have personally incurred.
  4. Register your team with USA Rugby and Rugby Arizona.  If you have more than one team as a part of your Club, each team must register.
  5. Await notification from Rugby Arizona that your team registration has been accepted.
  6. Register your team (coaches, admins and players) with USA Rugby.
  7. Have every coach and other adult associated with your club read, sign, and follow the Rugby Arizona Code of Conduct.
  8. Read and follow the Rugby Arizona Bylaws.
  9. Have fun!

Suggestions from Current Coaches

Reserve a meeting room and publish the announcement in a local paper.  Plan three meetings.  The first meeting should be informational.  Play a video and give basic information.  The second meeting should be the sign-up and the third meeting an educational session.  Players will start recruiting friends.

Schedule a meeting at the School.  Have a power point presentation or YouTube open with the 20 greatest trys playing as they walk into the room; let them watch it for a while, stop it and give a 15 minute spiel, then return to the video and explain it.  Hold an indoor six week “skills and drills” session through the park district.  Hold a parents meeting where you can recruit drivers and food organizers for game days.

Meet with the parents to go over costs, CIPP, expectations and talk about volunteering for post match gatherings and fund raising.  Keep the parents involved.

Tell your players to keep recruiting all the time.

Equipment you will need to run a practice:

  • Balls
  • Cones
  • Kicking tee
  • Whistle
  • (Once you arrange a field) you may need to buy:
    • Field striper
    • Paint
    • Flags, for marking
      (Make sure the type of paint is acceptable by the people who control your field – some require biodegradable paint). Figure on $150-$200 for these items, unless you can get used flags and striper.

Make sure that about a week before any home match, that you confirm directions to the pitch with the visiting team and the referee.

Resources and Documents